Week 12 NFL Bettor’s Guide – Picks ATS, Totals and Teasers [11/21 – 11/25/19]

RECORD: 2-0-0 // GAINS: +$6,000

Week 12 is in progress, and we had a good start on Thursday Night Football, winning on all 4 plays.  NFL betting is an up and down game.  Getting out of the gate strong in a given week helps.

Below are all Week 12 NFL Game picks, with 14 Against the Spread (ATS), 14 Totals (Over/Unders) and 10 Teaser plays, rated from 1-5 Stars.  I hope that I don’t regret this – calling on the Cowboys as our Best Bet against the very tough Patriots team and defense, in Gillette Stadium.

Some blockbuster games this week – very exciting – including Packers at 49ers and Ravens at Rams.  We start to get a sense of who is for real at this point forward; as the great Bill Parcells used to say, “talk to me after Thanksgiving”.

Week 11 NFL Bettor’s Guide – Picks ATS, Totals and Teasers [11/14 – 11/18/19]


RECORD: 22-17-0 // GAINS: +$3,000

Week 11 was (barely) a winner – so I’ll call it a draw.  Always good to have a positive record though, +5 in terms of Wins/Losses.

Looking to stay on the positive side of the ledger; and the week has already started off well, with 4 winning hits with the Browns-Steelers melee (literally)!

Below are all Week 11 NFL Game picks, with 14 Against the Spread (ATS), 14 Totals (Over/Unders) and 10 Teaser plays, rated from 1-5 Stars.  Generally, we’re at 3-5 Stars for all possible plays this season, opting to play rather than defer most of the time, as 1-2 Star picks do not get any wagering allocation.

(2019) Week 10 NFL Bettor’s Guide – Picks ATS, Totals and Teasers [11/7 – 11/11/19]

RECORD: 17-19-0 // LOSSES: $35,400

Week 10 was one to forget; but alas, we can always learn something from our experiences.  Part of the strength of the NFL Portfolio “Way” is consistency in our process, regardless of prior week’s results.  The season is a marathon, not a sprint, and there are always ups and downs.  It is good to still be up on the season, and remain there even after taking a hit like this.  We will grow from here on in, as we gear up for the last 7 weeks of the season.  It’s going by fast!

Full results available here.

Week 10 plays Against the Spread (ATS), Totals and Teasers shown here.

Week 9 NFL Bettor’s Guide – Picks ATS, Totals and Teasers [10/30 – 11/4/19]

RECORD: 23-14-1 // GAINS: $38,700

This was a killer week, now adding on for 3 straight winning weeks.  We’ve got our first positive streak of the season.

Finally, after 8 weeks, the system has gotten its head above water.  Now, on the plus side for the season, and with a ton of game tape digested, we have a better sense for who these teams are.  The strange trends, like Home Teams and Favorites losing – more frequently than in seasons past – will be taken into account.  We’re down on ATS picks and way up on Teasers, and generally positive on Totals.

So let’s go, second half of the season kicks off.


Week 6 NFL Bettor’s Guide – Picks ATS, Totals and Teasers [10/10 – 10/14/19]

RECORD: 21-18-0 // LOSSES ($4,200)

It started off looking like a good week, with the Patriots game going our way.  But things got dicey on Sunday, and Monday Night capped off going against us.  The overall record was winning, but gains were just about flat, with a slight loss actually on the week after the promising start.  Back to the drawing board!

Here is a prognostication video with all betting guide picks explained for NFL Week 6.

Week 5 NFL Bettor’s Guide – Picks ATS, Totals and Teasers [10/3 – 10/7/19]

Record: 20-20-1 / LOSS: ($60,600)

With a solid winning week (NFL Season Week 4) under our belt, we’re looking to make it 2 in a row going into the 2nd Quarter of the season.  2 teams on Bye (Lions, Dolphins) which leaves us with a slate of 15 games.  Here is how we’re looking.

Catch the full football prognostication video for NFL Week 5 here.

Chips & Helmets on the Table here.  5* in Blue / 4* in Black / 3* in Yellow / 2* or 1* in White.

Week 3 NFL Game Predictions & Results [9/19 – 9/23]

RESULTS: ($1,200) / RECORD: 23-20-1 (53% Win Pct)

Here we go, Week 3 in the NFL.  All 16 games are being picked ATS (Against the Spread), as well as Totals and 12 Teasers to boot.  Remember, this isn’t any old football sports betting site – this is a time-tested prognostication system and investment methodology at work!

Seen another (more visual) way, take a look at our Helmets & Chips Table.

Lastly, you can also catch a 10-minute video, with our Head Prognosticator outlining all of this week’s ‘portfolio allocations’ (aka, picks).