Week 11 NFL Bettor’s Guide – Picks ATS, Totals and Teasers [11/14 – 11/18/19]

RECORD: 22-17-0 // GAINS: +$3,000

Week 11 was (barely) a winner – so I’ll call it a draw.  Always good to have a positive record though, +5 in terms of Wins/Losses.

Looking to stay on the positive side of the ledger; and the week has already started off well, with 4 winning hits with the Browns-Steelers melee (literally)!

Below are all Week 11 NFL Game picks, with 14 Against the Spread (ATS), 14 Totals (Over/Unders) and 10 Teaser plays, rated from 1-5 Stars.  Generally, we’re at 3-5 Stars for all possible plays this season, opting to play rather than defer most of the time, as 1-2 Star picks do not get any wagering allocation.

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