Week 9 NFL Bettor’s Guide – Picks ATS, Totals and Teasers [10/30 – 11/4/19]

RECORD: 23-14-1 // GAINS: $38,700

This was a killer week, now adding on for 3 straight winning weeks.  We’ve got our first positive streak of the season.

Finally, after 8 weeks, the system has gotten its head above water.  Now, on the plus side for the season, and with a ton of game tape digested, we have a better sense for who these teams are.  The strange trends, like Home Teams and Favorites losing – more frequently than in seasons past – will be taken into account.  We’re down on ATS picks and way up on Teasers, and generally positive on Totals.

So let’s go, second half of the season kicks off.


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