Premium Services

There are several ways to engage with NFL Portfolio prognostication services and content, depending on whether you are a fan of the game, a fantasy sports gamer or you actively wager on games.

For the more serious folks, you can sign-up for one of NFL Portfolio’s 3 Premium Services, outlined below, all of which provide tools and information pre-game, allowing you to consider and potentially act on the recommended plays.

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  1. For Weekly, you will receive Portfolio Picks for whatever the upcoming week of play is. Each week’s picks are available through Sundays at 1pm EST.
  2.  If you choose the Full Season, then each Week, you will be emailed Portfolio Picks by Wednesday at 8pm EST.
  3. NFL Portfolio System gets you the System software, which is an Excel Spreadsheet and Instructions for how to utilize it, plus 1-hr of video training with the creator.

If you’re not ready for that, but still interested in receiving game-by-game insights and predictions, you can subscribe to the NFL Portfolio email list and receive all predictions and results on a weekly basis FOR FREE (2 emails per week – one on Sunday, post 1pm EST kick-offs, and another on Tuesday, post all games).  In this case, you won’t receive picks in time to make wagers or implement the system.

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