Week 7 NFL Bettor’s Guide [2020]

Week 7, here we go.  See if we can bounce back from a rough Week 6.  Picking games in the NFL, like most professional sports, is not easy, and I cannot stress enough how close to 50/50 the process is.  The ONLY chance that one has to win any money gambling on or investing in the NFL is by a methodical, long term process.  Look at Week 6 results as a reminder – a big loss, but that is just 1 out of 17 weeks over a 4 month season.  This process, the NFL Portfolio methodology, is a patient, ‘long-term’ (meaning Season Long) approach.  It has worked, not flawlessly, but productively, with positive wins, for 9 straight years, and here we are a third of the way through Season 10, and doing very well.

Enjoy the games, and don’t put all your eggs in any one basket!  There are no such things as “Locks” in sports, especially when money is on the line.  Don’t ‘gamble’ – emotionally or financially; instead use your instincts, reasoning and then take a measured, objective approach.

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