Week 1 NFL Game Predictions & Results [9/5 – 9/9]

  • DOWN – $32,100
  • Record – 22-20-1

It wasn’t the prettiest Week of work.  While we did manage a slight winning record, more high-end (5*) picks lost, which is not a common occurrence.  We’ll be fine tuning for Week 2 shortly.

[Written before Week 1 Kick-Offs] The new season kicks off tonight with the Green Bay Packers visiting the Chicago Bears.  All 32 teams are in action this week, and for the first few weeks of the season before Byes start kicking in for a few teams per week.

Here is an overview of our picks, in snapshot and 3D helmet to helmet format.  For a brief video synopsis, visit our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/nflportfolio


Below we set the table for the upcoming week’s games.  In a single view, we can see all 32 teams that play across 6 distinct time slots.

We also signify different picks using colored circles.

First circle (closest to the helmet) is for Line Play, and second circle is for Totals (Over/Under) Play, for each game.  White = 1 or 2* Play (No Action), Yellow = 3* Play ($2,000 in our system), Black = 4* Play ($4,000) and Blue = 5* Play ($10,000).

The side that the circles are on represents WHICH team we’re picking on the Line and O/U direction is chosen by whether the second circle is slightly pointing up or down from the first circle.  For more details and advanced receipt of these picks – at least a day before games kick-off each week, you’ve got to be a Premium Subscriber.

Enjoy the season and games.  Remember, if you bet on football, don’t just play for fun – play to win!  This prognostication system can help you do that.

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