Super Bowl LII (52) Prediction (2017-18 Season): Patriots vs. Eagles

It’s been another fantastic season – calling it a breeze wouldn’t be totally accurate.  But when you have a system that works, and you focus on applying it with discipline, things flow.  As said, playoffs and Super Bowl aren’t so essential, and in the future, I may even devalue them financially, since the low number of games between mostly quality teams makes it much harder to apply the formula.
In any case, for tonight, I’m feeling a “surprisingly” close game, much like the AFC Championship game.  The Eagles are good and can give New England problems.  I won’t bet against Brady and Belichick winning, but I don’t think they’ll blow em out or cover the spread.  I like some points.
27-24 Patriots
  1. 5* ($5,000) on Eagles +6
  2. 5* ($5,000) on Over-47
  3. 5* Tease ($5,000) on Eagles +13, Over-40
Other predictions:
  1. Look for at least 2 cryptocurrency commercials – these companies have some of the biggest budgets out there, and to gain mass adoption, as long as the TV media allows it (against regulatory pressure), this would be the best mass media forum to reach the masses.  I see at least 2 commercials and 3 “bitcoin” or crypto references.  Maybe or commercial with a joke or statement about “paying in Bitcoin”…and/or Ripple advertising its B2B banking fintech solutions, look out for it during the commercials, or maybe even the halftime show or in game broadcast (doubtful about the in-game).
  2. This will be Brady-Belichick’s last combined trip to the big dance.  Whether one or both retire after this, I’m not sure.  But even if they’re both back, I think their formula starts wearing off after this season.
Enjoy the game!

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