Does Fantasy Football Help or Hurt Overall Football Knowledge and Portfolio Prognostication?

I’m experimenting with it this season, as I decided to finally give in and “play” fantasy football, after banning it for the past 10+ years.  I’m just going with one fantasy team, and I have to admit, I did enjoy the draft process.  I mean, just take a look  at my draft board!

So how does a Cowboys fan who drafted Zeke Elliott with the first pick predict a low-scoring loss by Dallas during a pivotal divisional match-up on the road in Philly?  Well, it’s much easier said than done.  But the correct answer is – by being objective and putting his commitment to accuracy over his desire to win for fantasy bragging rights and emotional attachment to “his” team.  It’s funny because my betting record when picking for or against the Cowboys to cover is worse than my normal record for all other teams.  Just that shows an emotional bias, as well as a knowledge bias – the fact that I know the team and players so well puts a magnifying glass on them, the way we do with our own kids, that makes it very hard to be objective when evaluating their games.  I’m working on turning that “inside knowledge” into a positive.

When it comes to Fantasy Football, the question is – does the focus on individual player ability and performance empower or distract one’s assessment of teams and game dynamics?  This past weekend, I just experienced my first week of dealing with the multitude of emotions, thoughts and points of attention between Thursday Night Football and the two Monday Night Football games, not to mention, 13 Sunday games, over 3 time slots.  It was quite exhausting, to tell you the truth!  It reminds me of why a part of me is generally happy when the regular season, and even Super Bowl, concludes, so that I can have all that time and mental space back.

I plan to continue experimenting throughout the season, but essentially, my bed is somewhat made with all three factors in play, and in this order of energetic importance – 1) NFL Portfolio handicapping, 2) Fantasy Football, and 3) Dallas Cowboys fandom.  It goes from what I control most, and that has the greatest tangible outcome in my real life, and what I control the least.  The Cowboys winning another Super Bowl doesn’t change the quality of my life, in spite of the temporary pleasure that it would bring.  Whereas, continuing to be successful and extending my winning streak to 8-0 on an NFL Season level, with double digit returns annually, means something and continues to prove that “the system” really works.  And in my early analysis, I do feel that attention to player skills and statistics is a helpful indicator of teams’ abilities to score points and play defense.  Let’s see how that plays out over the course of the season, one in which I can hopefully manage my energy and attention well enough to get through 21 weeks, and to sustain my priorities, both in Football and in Life!

2018 NFL Season: Week 1 [9/6 – 9/10/18]

NFL’s Week 1 (2018) is in the books, as is NFL Portfolio’s Week 1 allocation. And the result…a very modest “Winner”.  Details below:

  • Winnings: $600
  • Funds Allocated: $175,950
  • # of Positions: 46
  • W-L Record: 21-23-2
  • 5* Grade Record: 12-9-2
  • Lines Record: 9-6-1
  • Totals Record: 4-11-1
  • Special Plays Record: 8-6-0 [Teasers]
  • Lock of the Week: (W) Rams (PK) over RAIDERS [1-0-0]
  • Best Call of the Week: I predicted 21-20 BROWNS over Steelers, and it turned out to be a 21-21 Tie.  5* Wins on both BROWNS (+7) and the Under (47.5).

It’s always good to get out of a “not so great” week generally unscathed, while also learning the personalities of teams in this new season. It’s a long season.  Detailed results are shared below. On to Week 2!


It started on Thursday – 9/6/18.  Season 8 for NFL Portfolio, and the first one that we’re going Public with.  So far, we’ve had 7 successful seasons in a row (7-0), with a hypothetical portfolio starting at $100,000 that has grown to nearly $600,000 over this stretch.

Another five month, 267 game season kicks off with a clash between the past two NFC Champions – Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles.

I’m posting Week 1’s picks as a Free Offer and example, for all to see how the system works.  After this, weekly NFL Portfolio allocations will only be shared (in advance of games) with Premium Subscribers; and with the General Public right after 1pm Sunday kick-offs.  This allows us to be fully, publicly verified – and we will use the blockchain to help with verification of predictions and results.  Enjoy!


2018 NFL Season, Week 1 Picks


  • EAGLES 24, Falcons 20 [Actual: 18-12, EAGLES]
  • BROWNS 21, Steelers 20 [Actual: 21-21, OT/Tie]
  • Bengals 20, COLTS 17 [Actual: 34-23, Bengals]
  • Titans 24, Dolphins 17 [Actual: 27-20, DOLPHINS]
  • VIKINGS 27, 49ers 20 [Actual: 24-16, VIKINGS]
  • Texans 31, PATRIOTS 27 [Actual: 27-20, PATRIOTS]
  • SAINTS 31, Buccaneers 17 [Actual: 48-40, Buccaneers]
  • Jaguars 27, GIANTS 20 [Actual: 20-15, Jaguars]
  • RAVENS 20, Bills 17 [Actual: 47-3, RAVENS]
  • CHARGERS 24, Chiefs 21 [Actual: 38-28, Chiefs]
  • BRONCOS 23, Seahawks 17 [Actual: 27-24, BRONCOS]
  • Redskins 24, CARDINALS 21 [Actual: 24-6, Redskins]
  • Cowboys 17, PANTHERS 16 [Actual: 16-8, PANTHERS]
  • PACKERS 26, Bears 17 [Actual: 24-23, PACKERS]
  • LIONS 21, Jets 17 [Actual: 48-17, Jets]
  • Rams 31, RAIDERS 21 [Actual: 33-13, Rams]


  • Adding 2-Team Teaser // Packers E, Rams +7 @ 5* PICK [Due to Saints losing in earlier Teaser]
  • Adding 3-Team Teaser // Chargers U-58, Jets +16.5, Bronocos +8.5 [Due to Bills and Saints Totals not covering in earlier Teasers]
  • Adding 3-Team Teaser // Jets +16.5, Packers +3, Raiders O-39.5 [Due to Chargers Totals not covering in earlier Teasers]